Hello World!

If you found a bug please contact me with the following information...

  1. Operating System and/or Browser Used (version would be nice).
  2. Which platform bug occurs (PC/Web/Mac)
  3. Description of bug.
  4. Instructions for reproducing.
  5. Any other useful information.

Example Below

  1. Windows 10 64 bit on latest chrome.
  2. Web app
  3. No audio narration for werewolf.
  4. Select werewolf and then hit play.

Thanks for playing!

Contact Developer


If help page doesn't open its because it was blocked by your browsers pop-up block (or third party).

You have to allow pop-ups for this site.

If you have trouble loading the web app but have previously visited the site please try clearing your browser's cache.

When the game updates your browser uses old cache and it needs to be cleared to load the new cache.

For Chrome, you just need to hold shift down while clicking the refresh button.

If you still have trouble loading the web application after clearing the cache, please submit a bug :)

Current App Version is 1.0.0